Waci Bible Translation Project

Abɔrɔyi, bɛtɛ bahide, yɛ baya bahide, yɛ bɔcɔbɔ bahide, yɛ banabɔ bahide, yɛ banyi bahide, basa yɛ bɛcɛ giwi gatasa bi wutusuwɔ kini, bɔwɔ ruza nɔmɔ, ba waiwo bɔwɔ gakũwã yi bɔwɔ gahukpayi, kusu giwi gɛshiyɛ bi mɛtɛ bazaba yɛ ga hukpa yi. Giwi gɛshiyɛ bɔcɔbɔ bahide bahubɔ bawi gihɔ̃rɔ̃hɔ̃ kusu bada hukpa basa gbica gijĩ hɛhiya kusu kɔsũ otu wubɔgɔ gihɔgɔ bahukpa yi yɛ giya ihiya, gi ani gi bada gaha kusu giwi gɛshiyɛ bahu gaha bɛsɛri gizɔgɔ wuyi gihica giwi gɛshiyɛ bi yɛ bada bahukpa yi kusu mɛtɛ bɛdɛr ugun uTɛgashi aha gũwã gɔrɔgɔ gima kpai ginuwã, uhiya ahide awi gɛshiyɛ bahu gatũwã gahĩrã shi gagirga kɔwarusũ gi kũ arag giba yɛbi bada bɛyiyi banyi gɛshiyi. Bagũ ruza Tɛgashi ahukpayi idɔyi, ahũwã anyuba gahisayi gihɔrɔm, bahisa uhiya iwã iti irikpũ ihu bɛkping HH Dr Daniyan J Dantoro 08077926349 uhiya bandir ga ana gahĩrã wuyi Tɛgashi yɛsɛb ihide waci Victor Makama 08064726436.

Basa nyuba gabigi rusatan ruhu ita iribãrĩcb (web): http://waci.ngbible.com

Welcome to the website of the Waci Bible Translation Project!  The goal of this site is to inform interested parties about what is happening in the project and to make the latest consultant checked Scriptures available to all with web access.

The project has been on hold for some years, but in 2018 we are exploring restarting the project. The translators need enthusiastic support and interest from the community in order to make good progress.

To view or download the Resurrection story in the Waci language, simply click on the uNuka 24 tab found next to the Home tab inside the bottom left corner of the picture above. The text of the story will appear on your screen. Just above the text are two options for downloading the story. One is individual PDF pages and the other is a reproducible booklet. To make a booklet, download the booklet PDF, print the two double page PDFs, one on on each side of an A4 sheet of paper. Fold the paper and you have a booklet!

8 Responses to Waci Bible Translation Project

  1. waci says:

    This is a very exciting time for the Waci people. Linguistic analysis of the Waci language has gone far, a preliminary orthography has been developed and will soon be posted at this site. The language committee has been formed, but we are still looking for committed people to join the project. We need all kinds of people. If you are interested, contact the numbers given above.

  2. Waziri Dondos Jude says:

    This a very wonderful, interesting & a beautiful job. I truly & strongly commend all those behind it. God bless you all.

  3. Thomas Nango says:

    Congratulations! The Lord rewards you rich with wisdom and knowledge Mr. Audu and Co. This is indeed a wondeful piece of work.

  4. jsabo says:

    This is sincerely. my prayer is that this project will not only open our people to the word of God but will bring revival to the entire koro land.Yes! Koroland will be preserved by his word in Jesus name.

  5. Anthony A. Tukurah says:

    Is a nice development and i pray for more strength from above. I suggest you make a write up and call a forum for hearing so that many can make their imput. Kudos

  6. Richard dauda says:

    Indeed am proud of all those behind this noble cause. May the good Lord bless you and bless you with all the resources for this project. God bless you all.

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